My Favorite Michigan



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The Mitten State is often highlighted on the hit true crime/comedy podcast My Favorite Murder. Sometimes they are featured stories told by Karen and Georgia, sometimes hometown stories sent in by fans, and sometimes just brief mentions of the state’s connection to a certain story. Here is a list of all of the Michigan cases that have been covered, and where you can find them:

Episode 3- The Oakland County Child Killer
Episode 29- John List
Episode 33- John Norman Collins
Episode 40- The Jenny Jones Murder
Episode 46- Leslie Allen Williams
Episode 96- Aileen Wuornos (born in Michigan)
Episode 97- The Murder of Susie Jaeger (lived in Farmipngton)
Episode 126- Larry DeLisle
Episode 138- The Murder of Gerard Soules (grew up in Michigan)
Episode 156- John List (as told by Conan O’Brien)
Episode 162- The Murder of Jane Bashara

Episode 22- The Murder of Rose Larner (Before hometowns were done in separate episodes)
Episode 27- John Siesling (Before hometowns were done in separate episodes)
Episode 68- Jeffrey Pyne (Q&A Episode)
Minisode 9- Henry Lee Lucas
Minisode 16- Kevin Artz
Minisode 40- John Norman Collins
Minisode 89- John List (again)
Minisode 109- John List (yep, again)
Minisode 126- The Murder of Glenn and Wanda Tarr

Episode 43- Ted Kaczynski
Episode 49- The Burning Bed
Episode 62- The Gorilla Killer
Minisode 76- Grandmother escaped Nazi Concentration Camp and settled in MI
Minisode 94- North Fox Island Child Pornography Ring
Episode 164- Experiences during 2/22/19 Detroit Show
Episode 167- Flint Water Crisis
Episode 174- Mackinac Island

2017 Detroit Live Episode- The Murder of Martin Duram and The Robison Family Murders
(Uploaded to the MFM website 5/8/18 for Fan Cult Members Only.)

2019 Detroit Live Episode- The Rattle Run Church Murder and The Murder of Tina Biggar
(Uploaded to the MFM website 4/4/19 for Fan Cult Members Only.)